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Booking made easy! You can now book your service online. Immediately after booking you will receive a confirmation email. 48 hrs. after that email you will receive a client intake sheet so we can gather your company's information to get started. Please allow 48 business hours to pass prior to inquiring about the intake email. It will be sent directly to the email used when you check out. 


48 hours after booking you will be sent a questionnaire to provide the information we need to get started. The questionnaire will have information about our process and much more. Sending that form back is vital so we can get started. Please ALL your request for your final website design in that form. I do not draw up a practice website. All pictures submitted should be your final pictures and not your proofs. If you are waiting on finals, please communicate so we can know.

All content must be submitted through email. Text must be selectable as actual text rather than as flattened images. Please talk as if you are speaking to your clients/customers. Both text and photos/graphics must be clearly labeled with the name of the page on which it will be displayed. Content may not be submitted via text message, messenger, fax or paper copies.

Turnaround time is typically 4-5 weeks but can be delayed based on failure to submit content, or continuously submitting things during the 4-5 weeks. Everything should be put in the original intake sheet. If it is not and you keep providing add on(s), this may result in a $50 convenience charge and delay in production.

If Delass Design's is waiting for content or other pieces of information, the client will be notified. If the client fails to handle the requests in a timely manner, the website may be delayed.

In order to keep projects on track, Delass Design's offers incentives and penalties. If a client provides all content (text & photos) and other required elements within ten business days of project initiation, the client will receive 50% off flyer service during anytime of the year. Alternatively, if the client has not submitted all content and other required elements within 30 days of project initiation, client will be billed $60 per day for every day the project is delayed. 



Delass Design's may bill for the completed project delay fee if no reply and add missing elements later at they are received. If more than 60 days from the website design and build has passed, and the client still has not submitted the remaining missing content, DelassDesign's reserves the right to consider the project complete in its entirety and bill again for all future work. If the work is done and the client fails to follow the next steps provided by Delass Designs; our company is not liable for failure to finish publication.

The content you submit must be for your final web design 

We take pride in providing attractive designs, and the vast majority of our clients are extremely pleased with the design we create for them. However, design is a subjective art, and not everyone’s tastes are the same. While we will gladly make initial minor modifications for no additional charge, it is important to be clear on how revisions to the look of a website design are handled.

The web design signup form is the contract which describes the look a commissioned web design project will achieve. Design preferences, such as the look of the site, the color scheme, the functionality, monitor resolution preferences, etc. should be specified at that time, prior to the commencement of any design work. If any design preference stated in the web design signup form was not met, the adjustments will be made free of charge. If the client develops preferences or changes his/her mind and wants to add more that was not sent in the intake sheet, adjustments will be made by the hour at $75.00 per hour. 


Previous customers: If you abandoned your job anywhere up to a year ago you are subject to a reinstatement fee. No exceptions! If it was more than a year ago you will have to pay full price again. Turnaround time will be 4-5 weeks from the date you pay to reinstate as I have to begin the designing process all over again and I have current customers I cannot delay.

Policy Agreement
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